Beaver Dam Pipe

Beaver Dam Pipe - after sinking the intake fence in the pond the beaver dam a trench is dug by hand down to the desired water level and the pipe is buried in the dam at that height the pond leveler pipe then be es a permanent leak in the dam so the beaver pond is controlled at a safe level despite the presence of beavers information sheets flexible pond leveler build your own beaver pipe aka beaver deceiver this page illustrates how to build your own beaver pipe or beaver deceiver to breach a beaver dam this is basically a big pipe that flows through the beaver dam that allows the water to pass the logic is that beavers are attracted instinctively to the sound of running water the construction of these beaver pipes at enzo creek nature sanctuary was a two day project for one person and involved the following steps 1 slowly lower the water level behind the dam physically cut a notch in the position on the dam.
where beaver pipes are to be installed in this case a shovel and pitchfork were used the more a pond is lowered the more likely it is beavers will build a new dam downstream to render the pipe ineffective lowering a beaver pond by up to one vertical foot is generally not a problem a single round of beaver trapping may be necessary prior to a pipe installation if a beaver dam must be lowered by 2 feet or more beaver dam flooding beavers build dams for protection from predators but sometimes these dams can cause flooding issues for people when this occurs the size of the beaver pond can often be controlled to prevent damage to human property with a well designed flexible pond leveler pipe a flexible leveler system with one or more flex pipes is then added through the fencing such pipe systems may also be set directly in a beaver dam to control the water level upstream large diameter usually.
10 or 12 inch black corrugated polyethylene pipes are used according to the size of the watershed and the slope of the terrain beaver dam pipes beavers diligently plug leaks in their dams because their survival depends upon the cover provided by the water in their pond if a beaver can detect the flow of pond water into a pipe it will plug the pipe with mud and sticks to be successful a beaver dam pipe must eliminate the sound and feel of water flowing into the pipe
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